Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paleo on a Budget

As you may know, my small group decided last week to post 10 things we're grateful for each day. That was great because I got to see how God was working in even the small things in my life & how blessed I am. At the end of the week, I really felt happier because I had all these things to be grateful for. If I wasn't forced to write 10 down, then I wouldn't have thought about what all I'm grateful for. I think I'm going to continue doing this because it really helped me to see how God was blessing me.

THIS WEEK we have some exciting challenges. The one that I am most nervous/excited for is the "Simplify Your Life" challenge where as a group, we are choosing to not eat out this week and only live off of $25 worth of groceries for the week. Originally, I thought we were going to do $2/day or $14/wk, so the jump to $25 is huge for me! The idea is that we would be able to better empathize with people living on less than $2 per day in third world countries. Then we take the money that we would have used to go out to eat and donate it to a cause.

For me, the real challenge is trying to figure out how to keep the Paleo Diet while limiting myself to $25. This makes me angry because I'm realizing that all the cheap food that I would've purchased while not on the diet (spaghetti, bread, rice, beans, corn syrup, etc) are all not as good for you. However, hopefully I can prove that it is possible to go paleo on a limited budget. 

H-mart Total: $12.27
3  Huge chicken breasts = $5.20
Korean Yams = 1.98 lb @ $0.39/lb totals $0.77
3lb Bag of white onions = $1.79
2 Gala apples = $0.88
Bunch of 5 bananas = 2.17 lb @ $0.59/lb totals $1.28
18 pk of Large Eggs = $1.99
Tax = $0.36

Buford Highway Farmers Market Total: $4.84
Broccoli bunch = $1.99
NY Steak = $2.71
Tax = $0.14

Kroger Total: $7.00
Salad bags = $1.98
Green peppers = 3 @ $0.59 totals $1.77
Silk Coconut Milk = $2.94
Tax = $0.31

Grand Total: $24.11

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