Monday, May 9, 2011

Done with Undergrad!

I'M DONEEEEEE!! My first response was to shout, "I'm free!" However, I've been blessed with the most amazing transition semester where I'm only taking 12 credits with moderate to low course load. This allows me the freedom to really enjoy my relationships and remaining time with people. Because of this, I don't really feel a difference between life with classes and life without classes haha. I guess that's a good problem to have :)

My favorite year in college has definitely been senior year. Previously, I would've said it was freshman year, easily. The thrill of meeting new people and having a taste of freedom being away from parents make freshman year so amazing. However, senior year for me has been even better because I continue to meet new people, but I'm really able to see my existing relationships come to fruition. Even in this last week of staying up until 8am working on papers and watching the sunrise, I've been able to get to know people more intimately, especially my stressbusters :)

On another note, I started writing my goodbye letters, and it is legitimately one of the most depressing things I've done in my life. It feels like I'm having a part of my heart torn out of my chest knowing that I'll be leaving these people that have made such a profound impact on my life. Even though I'll probably visit a couple times next year, it just isn't the same as living life together and enjoying the small, everyday moments together. Why must you people be leaving me in two days?!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Peru Mission Trip: June 2 - June 12

Dearest friends and family,

Can you believe how time flies? I will be graduating in less than a month! The Lord has brought me on a magnificent journey from hating school as a biomedical engineer at Washington University in St. Louis to being passionate about how my marketing and psychology studies can be used for God’s Kingdom. One of the biggest lessons that I learned this past year is that as a Christian business woman, my role in the Kingdom expands beyond writing checks to the church. How I interact with co-workers in the work place, how I treat our suppliers, and how I work with integrity all play a part in being a light in the workplace.

However, ever since my last mission trip to Kenya my junior year of high school, I have been itching to do another short term mission trip. Since I took six years of Spanish, I have a heart for Spanish speaking countries. In addition, these past two years, God has really placed the topic of human trafficking/modern day slavery on my heart, especially as a business major knowing that cheap labor is necessary to produce cheap products. Furthermore, I knew the only time that I had was before I started work with The Nielsen Company as an analyst in mid-June. Then, the perfect opportunity appeared!! My friend is going to Peru from June 2-June 12 with her church, Victory World Church, and will be working with an anti-slavery organization called Not For Sale, and I asked if I could go with her even though it was already so late in the process. But God opened up all the doors necessary for me to go on this trip. If he wants it to happen, He’ll make it happen! God is good, is he not? This experience will be extremely valuable in shaping me as a business woman, because I’ll be able meet people who have been affected personally by human trafficking and hear their stories.

I’m writing you this letter because I want you to partner with me. If you also have a heart for Latin America, helping free children from human traffickers, or sending out Christian professionals, then consider partnering with me through prayer and/or finances. First, prayer is the most powerful force, and I am looking for prayer warriors! I am looking for people to specifically choose [at least] one day of the trip to pray for me. If you are willing, please let me know which day you would like to pray for me (May 31-June 20). Second, prayer is most important, but I also respectfully request your financial support. I need to raise $2100 for this trip. If there’s anything that I learned in college, it is that our resources are not our own, but they are God’s, and He’s chosen us to be stewards of his resources. If you are willing and able to partner with me, please consider supporting me financially. Every little bit helps, even $2.47! I don’t know how this is going to happen, but God does the impossible, and I am faithful that He will provide.

Peru and Not For Sale:

In Peru, Not For Sale supports Lucy Borja, a modern day abolitionist who has fought for the rights of Peruvian street children throughout her life. Together we provide shelter, education, healthcare, and job training.

Children living on the streets in Peru are deprived of family care, protection, and opportunity. Many have been pushed from their homes due to domestic abuse or poverty. On the streets, these children lack basic rights such as access to education, healthcare, housing and food. They are stigmatized as drug addicts, thieves and prostitutes and are defenseless, subject to abuse, neglect, commercial sexual exploitation, and forced labor.

Our team will be ministering to the street children and showing the freeing love of Jesus Christ through skits, arts and crafts, and messages at Vacational Bible School (VBS). We desire to show them that though the world may be cruel, they are children of worth and are valuable and loved by God.

Prayer requests:

· He would use this opportunity to shape my future as a business person

· Team unity, especially since I am joining them last minute

· Traveling mercies

· God would provide fundraising ($2100)

· Health and safety

· Open heart and open mind

· Boldness to act on divine appointments

· God’s work already in that part of the world

To partner with me financially via pay pal, please click the donate button below.