Monday, November 21, 2011


"Choose 5 things to prioritize in your life right now," my mom said to me.

You see, I love staying busy. When I see a blank square in my calendar, I feel like something isn't right and that I am not maximizing my time. 

And now I have too much on my plate. Monday golf lessons, Fusion Wednesday nights, Friday youth group, and Sunday church + small group. Add in the occasional Alumni and Parent Admission Program for WashU (college fairs, interviews, etc). Then there are the activities I am considering/toying around with: DSP Atlanta Alumni Chapter, Fusion leadership, volunteering with Intervarsity, helping start a college/post grad ministry at church. Now I'm in over my head. 


1. Job
2. Family
3. Exercise
4. Church youth group

God, help lead me to fill out the blank.