Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gratitude 1

Hi friends! I have two really exciting updates.

1. "The 40" aka Georgia's Intervarsity Fall Conference. I'm friends with various staff workers in the Georgia region who invited me to help out as a prayer intercessor/minister. Since prayer ministry has been a huge part of my relationship with God, I wanted to help other students experience it too. This weekend, God really worked in huge ways.

Satan was really putting up a fight and continuously tried to thwart God's plans, and we knew it was because God was going to do something big. And He did. Last night, we invited students to receive healing by coming up to the prayer ministers. Going into it, I was very weary of how many people would actually come up to get prayer. Before coming to The 40, I prayed that God would at least give me the opportunity to pray for one person. Last night, I had the opportunity of praying for that one person, and after going back to see if anybody else wanted prayer, not only was there a line, but there was a pool of students standing there waiting to receive prayer. PRAISE GOD! I had the privilege of helping six students hear from God and be freed from what was holding them down.

This weekend has shown me how much I miss college ministry. While rooming with a fantastic woman of God that reminds me of my college roommate from last year, I learned that she moved to Atlanta and started work at a social media marketing firm the exact same day that I started work at Nielsen, and she helps with Emory's BASIC (African-American) chapter as a volunteer staff. That got some wheels turning in my head about the possibility of me being a volunteer staff as well. The idea is still premature and may or may not come to fruition next year or in the future. For now, I am committed to ACCCN's youth group and I know I won't have the time and energy to do that and help with Intervarsity and go to Fusion on Wednesdays. So we'll see where God brings me.

2. A few of us young adults around Atlanta were desiring community of people really seeking to follow Jesus and challenge each other, so we started a post-graduate small group that meets on Sundays. We currently began our group study of reading "Practicing The Way of Jesus: Life Together In The Kingdom of Love" which is a book that shows how to practically follow Jesus' teachings. I'm REALLY excited for this. Each week, we take on one or two of the experiments/challenges as a community.

This week we are experimenting with security:

  • Gratitude. Each day, we are writing down ten things that we are grateful for. (without repeating anything)
  • Time/money journal. We keep a detailed journal of where we are spending our time and money, and will share these with the rest of the group.

I will be posting my gratitude journal here each night (hopefully). I'm thankful that...

  1. God really showed up at Georgia's Intervarsity fall conference "The 40" and showed His power as our Healer. 
  2. The car ride to and from The 40 was great in the sense that we got there fast and had good conversation.
  3. I have the privilege of choosing what I want to eat each meal.
  4. We started this post-graduate small group.
  5. I had the opportunity to lead a GIG my senior year & that our Bible studies still speak to me today!
  6. I can bundle up when it is cold. 
  7. God provides everything in my life abundantly.
  8. The Kroger near my house is open until 1am. 
  9. I got to see old faces at The 40 and met many new people!
  10. I have a job to go to tomorrow.

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