Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As some of you know, I really love sauces. Sometimes, I'll actually love a food because of the sauce. For example, I eat steak because there is A1 sauce. I eat sushi not for the fish but for the wasabi and soy sauce. The same goes for oysters and the lemony cocktail sauce.

That is why I love Five Guys more than In-N-Out. Don't get me wrong, In-N-Out is fantastic and I truly love it. However, Five Guys has A1 sauce. Therefore, Five Guys > In-N-Out.


  1. i love that you love sauces. as a person that doesn't care too much for them, it's.. interesting =)

  2. YESSS FINALLY SOMEONE WHO HAS SOME SENSE!!!! <3 Five Guys loveeeee.. this picture made me hungry :(