Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project 365 attempt #2

A few years ago, I attempted Project 365, a plan to take a picture each day for a year. That kind of failed miserably, but it was still interesting to look back on most of the year in photos.

One of my friends that I met at Chinese Missions Conference many years back successfully did his project 365, and I love his work! Throughout the year, I could see his photo skills improve and I got to read what was going on in his life and how that tied in with the picture. I think this format will make be a better blogger overall. So here we go!

Being the easily-influenced-by-advertising-person that I am, after watching one of those credit card commercials where the dad watches his child reading a book under a tent, I decided to make a blanket fort with my brother.

We tied a string from the top of his lighthouse to the top rack of his closet, then another string from the tv cabinet to the middle of the original string. Then we threw on two sheets to make the cover of the fort.

Given that the white string is only about 2mm thick, it is virtually invisible and we often find ourselves walking into it ahahaha. After many incidents of knocking ourselves backwards, we decided to put up some hangers and yellow paper as CAUTION signs.

These past few days we've been having sleepovers and talking about our childhood and catching up on life. This blanket fort has brought us closer in many ways. So thank you credit card company whose name I forgot for giving me the idea of building this fort and giving me this opportunity to bond with my 15 year old brother.