Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Had golf lesson 2 out of 6 yesterday! This time, we learned how to chip the ball from off the green (rough patches of grass) back onto the green. For this, we used either a 6 iron, P, or 7 iron, depending on the distance we needed to go.

1. Keep the ball on the inside of your right heel.
2. Line up the club so that the flat of the iron faces the hole.
3. Put your weight on your left leg and lean to the left.
4. Keep your left arm straight and lead the swing with your left wrist.

I think my golf skills have gotten worse since the last time. Maybe it is because I've been practicing putting in my brother's room where the carpet is perfectly flat. Now I don't know how to hit on grass or when it is hilly. Fail.

Another memo to self: do not go to the gym to work out your leg muscles right before going to golf. Because when you bend your knees, they will shake.

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