Monday, February 7, 2011

Camera iphone app

You see this retro square photo? Thanks to the amazing Hipstamatic iPhone app, I can take polaroid-like photos again! With this app, you can switch "lenses" that change the color of the photo, and "film" that affects the texture of the border. Very cool FREE app :)

Technology is ridiculous these days.

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  1. hey, cool to see some iphone shots :-)

    the three cheap ($1-2) but REALLY WORTH IT iPhone apps for me have been:
    1. camerabag: really nice, high-quality effects on already-taken photos.
    2. lo-mob: another app with a lot of filters, and most of them really good.
    3. camera+: camera replacement app for the iPhone that allows you to control both the focus point AND the exposure point. also has a lot of other improvements like stablization and timer too!

    yah, hope that was useful. i'm really enjoying following your 365!