Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is one, one, one one.
One is the beginning. New. A fresh start.
Today is the beginning, of a new fresh start. Today is 1/1/11.
- Passion 2011 Day 1

I'm finally able to attend Passion Conference, held in (almost) my backyard in Downtown Atlanta. They presented us with the quote above, saying that that's a lot of one's, and God tends to like numbers (he named a whole book after it). So today must mean something special. It is a day where we can start anew with a blank slate. But we shouldn't bring the old, old, old, into the new, new, new.

Then, what is it that I want for this year?

1. Be faithful.
In marriage, when you say, "I do," you're also saying, "I don't" to billions of others.
When you say, "I do," to Jesus, you should also be saying, "I don't," to others.
- Louie Giglio.
To be honest, I've been an adulterer lately--moreso nowadays when I have HBO at my fingertips. I get caught up in what the media preaches - love, sex, money and success. I need to prove through my actions that Jesus is more than enough for me.

2. Partner with God
It's funny (and sad) how much I desire to further the Kingdom of God, yet try to do it without Him. I think of people that I want to reach out to and different ways of bringing characteristics of heaven to earth, but often forget to do it with God. Passion has reminded me that God is the one with all the power and the ability to bring the dead to life.

More to come.

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  1. JOY!
    I'm so glad that you are updating with what you're learning from Passion!!
    I'm going to follow along with some of the messages if I can, but I'm so glad that you're also writing down what you're getting from it! :D