Friday, January 7, 2011

Building Up (A Chair)

The theme of today seems to be "building up" in many respects.

1) Building a chair: My brother and I bought a new computer chair from Ikea, which needs to be assembled. Josh, the potential engineer of the family quickly built the chair in approximately 15 minutes. Check out the hilarious Ikea instruction manual figurine. Gotta love the Swedish.

2) Rebuilding my photo editing skills: The simple 3-photo collage took me two hours to put together. It has been a year and a half since I've worked with a photo editing program. Yeah, it's been too long. I had to rebuild my editing abilities starting in Paint, which severely limits what I can do. Thank God that I remembered I had a different version of photoshop.

3) Rebuilding my photography skills: I haven't really shot in over a year. Last October, my Canon 30D broke at our Intervaristy's Fall Conference. I just got my Nikon D90 for Christmas a couple weeks ago. My photo skills have gotten rusty in this past year. Hopefully this project 365 will bring me back up to pace and beyond!


  1. lol that comment about the camera at fall conference reminded me of the picture i took of you and annie looking hopelessly at your Canon 30D...and other pictures in that album are priceless. I hope you pick up your skillz again.

  2. yay, a project 365 to follow! best of luck with that -- i think you'll definitely find it an interesting discipline.