Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Over the weekend, my baby (car) ran out of battery twice. When trying to turn on the ignition, the poor thing was crying out to me saying "Ughhhh I'm dyyyyinnnggg." Yep, just like that. We were able to jump start it, a new skill that I've picked up this week. The auto repair man said it wasn't the alternator, but just a very old battery. The battery has been replaced, so it is full of energy and running great now.

Is there a saying out there that a car is like its owner? Well, there should be. Over the course of this week, I've been feeling particularly low on energy and haven't been able to function to the best of my ability. It affects my cognitive functioning, preventing me from being able to process my thoughts in conversation and in strategy (spades, etc). My guess is it is a combination of lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet. I need to replace my battery... this routine is not healthy for me and it isn't glorifying God.

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