Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mudd 2 RA :D

Last Friday I picked up my letter from Reslife that said whether or not I was going to be an RA. The thirty minutes before picking it up, I went through an emotional roller coaster. My stomach was churning with anxiety as I tried imagining how I would react to the different outcomes. Finally, I prayed to God again and said, "God, whatever outcome you give me, I know that is the door you want me to go through. Help me to trust you."

I went to pick up my letter. It said, "Congratulations! On behalf of the Office of Residential Life, we are excited to offer you a position for the 2010-2011 academic year as a Resident Advisor in Park Mudd Residential College on Mudd 2."

At first, I was bummed that I didn't get my first choice, which was freshmen substance free. But over the course of the day, Mudd 2 really grew on me. Of all the upperclassmen dorms, I'm really glad I got Mudd since that's where I lived sophomore year. Also, they're trying to make Mudd 2 the unofficial substance free floor :) I really think God knew what he was doing giving me Mudd 2. Since he's inviting me into a season of rest next year, having a freshmen floor wouldn't make sense because that would not be restful. Most of the people who would live on Mudd 2 next year are ACFers who already live in Mudd and freshmen from Park 1, whom I have relationships with, so that should be fun. And if I want to meet freshmen, I can go visit my ACF secret bro who is the RA on Park 1! It all works out. Praise God for his goodness!

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