Monday, March 22, 2010

More Birthdays

Last night, Asian Christian Fellowship participated in our first Relay for Life which lasted from 6pm-6am. The event is a school-wide fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in which the participants relay around a track symbolizing a cancer patient's long and hard fight against the disease.

What really hit me was one of the speeches that elaborated on this year's theme of "Create More Birthdays." There was this two-time cancer survivor who had cancer in her abdomen when she was three months old. The cancer was surgically removed but after 17 months she got it again, except this time it spread to her bladder, intestines, spleen, appendix, liver, and colon. The second time she was treated with some more surgery and chemo. At two years old, she could have easily died from cancer. Instead, her family has the privilege of celebrating another year of life on her birthday.

That's when it hit me. The point of celebrating birthdays is to praise God for another year of life! I guess before I just saw it as Joy's day where I received pretty gifts and get to ask for things I normally wouldn't be able to request. (Or if it is someone else's, to wish them happy birthday as many times as possible and ensure that they have a great day.) Last night, however, really reminded me that life is precious and we only have one life to live. So cherish each extra year God gives you.

On another note, DARN YOU SIN! If it weren't for sin, there wouldn't be cancer. Muy mal.

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