Sunday, November 22, 2009


My prefrosh, a family friend, arrived at the airport this morning at 10am. That was the beginning of today's adventure. Some snapshots from today.

10:40am - Wowed at the ability for artists to be able to depict different textures in their portraits such as lace, velvet and silk at the Art Museum. Saw a hilarious relic with the feet of Jesus floating in the air showing he was being taken up into heaven.

12:07am - Bathed in the warm sun next to the lake and watched the ducks as we ate at the Boathouse in Forest Park for brunch.

2:46pm - Witnessed a cheetah trying to cough out a hairball at the St. Louis Zoo. Then heard the zebras braying.

3:41pm - Bought a cup of bubble tea from the loop.

3:50pm Admired the talent of jewelry and handbag artisans in an art gallery on the loop. Whale earrings... so adorable.

4:13pm - Saw a HUGE Totoro stuffed animal at Starclipper the comic book store :) But was sad when I looked at the price tag :(

4:25pm - Contemplated buying a winter hat from Avalon Exchange, previously known as Rag-O-Rama. Prefrosh bought Sperry's for $15.

4:45pm - Found hilarious random objects at Pheonix Rising, such as bacon band-aids.

4:54pm - Sampled pistachio and cheesecake flavored FroYo then ran away.

5:11pm - Tried on cute headbands and big sunglasses at Tantrum boutique.

7:19pm - Enjoyed samosas, naan, veggie fritters and lentil momo dumplings at Everest Cafe with wonderful company. Saw God perform a miracle.

Twas a great day. Now I'm exhausted.

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  1. two did a TON of stuff! i hope i was a good host.