Monday, November 2, 2009

Forever is a long time

"Unwavering faith does not mean we won't doubt HOW God delivers His promise, it is knowing that God WILL deliver His promise." - Pastor Barry
I was sharing with a friend back home of all the amazing things God is doing in the lives of recent converts at WashU. She praised God and said, "and how you pour yourself on them changes eternity :)"

That hit me pretty hard. What I do can affect a person's life FOREVER. Eternity. sideways 8. (Granted yes, God does all the work but uses us as instruments).

Wow. That changes a lot. The things that I hold onto so dearly now pales in comparison to the idea of more people being in life giving relationships with God for a long long long long time.

Possible transactions:
  • Giving up one hour of studying to talk to a friend about Jesus ---> Eternity of understanding God's mysteries
  • Giving up $10 at Forever 21 and buying a hot meal for the homeless ---> Eternity of being Fed and all the possessions I could want
  • Giving up a life of hiding in my single and reaching out ---> Eternity of belonging and community

I really gotta stop being so selfish and controlling of my time and resources.
Memo to self:
Joy, it is okay to doubt whether the hour spent with a non-Christian was worth less studying time. It is okay to doubt whether the money you gave to a stranger will actually be spent towards food.

But do not doubt the power of God to use you as a vessel. Just obey. He WILL deliver His promise.


  1. Remember that as you pour out love to others, God will continuously replenish you with His love. It's something that I need to keep reminding myself time and time again as well.

  2. ahhhh such a good reminder. i totally needed this. it can be so tempting to be lazy and not want to be used.