Monday, June 7, 2010

Road Trip to the East

STL, MO --> Cincinnati, OH --> Columbus, OH --> Philly, PA --> Paramus, NJ

Approximately 1000 miles in 20 hours.

This road trip was lots of fun and went by rather quickly. Thankfully, a friend from STL was able to accompany me last minute and keep me awake while I drove. She birdman-ed strangers and they asked for our number, but we escaped by driving to a rest area. We also learned some Cantonese from a tape. Ney sik mm sik teng guang dong waAah? We also collected maps from each state and took pictures of the "Welcome to..." signs. AND SAW AMISH PEOPLE.

Also, another beauty about this road trip was that I got to see friends at every city above. We spent the night in Cincinnati where we ate the most delicious raspberry chip ice cream (Graeter's) and home made pho. The next morning, we got breakfast with an old time friend from my summer at Stanford EPGY six years ago. Then for dinner, we ate at a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown in Philly with some other small group leaders from Chinese Mission Conference 2007. And now I'm staying with a really awesome and hilarious family in New Jersey so I can commute to NYC for work. Their church college/career ministry is also really friendly and welcoming. Hopefully I can get plugged into it this summer.

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