Monday, June 14, 2010


A taxi almost ran me over this morning. I was legally crossing the street along with everyone else and the taxi across the intersection decides to run a red light and almost hits me. Oh New York.

Then for lunch, a friend and I meet up at some eating areas outside. We both packed our lunches because we're getting poor from eating out so much. I packed this beautiful mixed greens salad with strawberries, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette. This was the first legit salad I've ever made. I took a few bites as my friend makes her wrap. As she finishes making her wrap, I see a black woman walk straight for us and before I could say anything, she takes out a bottle of brown water and dumps it all over my friend's lunch and proceeds to drench my salad. She left as quickly as she had come. My friend jumps up and starts following her in an uproar, "Ma'am! Ma'am! EXCUSE ME." The crazy homeless lady continued to walk away without looking back.

A few weeks ago, the pastor at Ourpour Church preached about loving the poor. "Don't you wish all poor people were perfect poor people? The nice, funny ones? Well, those are almost impossible to find." I wish that lady were a nice poor person. But the trust is, she was rude, out of her mind and had no social awareness.

We found a cafe and split a sandwich and prayed for her. Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you.

But man oh man, New York City is crazy.


  1. mmm sounds like it. "trust"?

  2. Haha, life is more entertaining with the crazier experiences. Love thy neighbor as thyself. :)

  3. wow, dude. you just attract craziness. :P