Saturday, May 29, 2010

Extended Family

Today has been quite an emotional day.

Handfuls of strangers in Irvine were introduced to me as my family. My own flesh and blood. I don't know if you can imagine it, but I feel like a whole part of my life was missing and is now added. Granted, most of them are related to my grandma on my mom's side (she has 9 siblings), so many of them are second cousins/uncles/aunts or whatever you call them. But my idea of extended family being so distant has completely changed.

Don't get me wrong, I knew the existed and even corresponded with some of them, but today they really became real. They all knew who I was because they saw me the last time I visited when I was three years old. They were SO excited to see me. Honestly, I thought coming to Irvine for the wedding would be really awkward since I'm not close with anyone here, but my relatives really make me feel at home and treat me as one of their own.

I seriously feel like I've been missing out. But I'm glad I got to meet them.

Tonight, I also sat in on my cousin's wedding rehearsal. This is my first wedding of a peer that I've been to, and it is such a strange feeling knowing that this could happen to me soon. She was a freshman in their fellowship and he was an upperclassmen when they first met. Now they're this hilarious and super chill couple giving each other high five kisses at the alter. Also, I really admire my cousin, because she's totally the opposite of bridezilla. She's the most stress-free and easy going bride to be I've ever seen. Instead of freaking out about the logistics, she just goes with the flow and enjoys the company of her family and friends. I really hope I can do that at my wedding.

I laughed a lot today at the rehearsal. But I'll probably cry tomorrow.

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  1. I love weddings! Many blessings to your cousin and their future! :)