Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pre-Peru Thoughts

As you all know, I will be leaving tomorrow for a mission trip in Peru! My team will be putting on many dramas and programs for street kids in San Bartolo and Lima. It's been a while since I've done dramas, but drama team kind of defined my last year of high school. I'm excited to get back into it again, especially using it to communicate who Jesus is to us.

These past few days, I've been reflecting a lot on my last overseas mission trip to Kenya. Man, that was such an experience trying to live in tents without showering for a week and not have clean water to brush our teeth with. Let me just say, we smelled pretty bad. However, that was such a great trip because I got to experience a different culture, and see God work intimately in our lives. My prayer is that I will be as open to Peru as I was with Kenya, so that this may be a great learning experience personally, culturally, and spiritually.

Today, I finally met the team after Fusion (Victory World Church's youth ministry). My teammates would see me, say my name and hug me! I felt so welcomed especially since I didn't know who they were haha. Some of them have been to Peru before on previous mission trips, and others are going on their first mission trip ever. Also, I think I am the youngest one on the trip. That means, I'll have lots of older wiser people to talk to :)

Okay, back to packing!

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