Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tea

Since I have class until 4pm usually, I always miss Tuesday Tea at the DUC. However, we got out of class early today, so I went over to the DUC to get lunch and realized that there was tea. Right when I got there, the cafeteria workers brought out the desserts, which are definitely the best part of Tuesday Tea. I jumped up in excitement and beat the crowd to get a few pieces of pastry.

While drinking my tea, I asked my friends, "Guess what? I'm trying to observe Passover this year!"

"What does that entail?" They asked.

Right as I took a bite out of the mini-muffin, I said, "I can't eat leavened brea... NOOOOOOO!"

Fail. But just because I've failed this once doesn't mean I should completely give up my efforts, so I'm going to keep trying to observe Passover.

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