Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alumni Reunion Weekend

Had a wonderful sabbath today.

1. Bonded with brothers in the biting cold and wind while setting up our funnel cake booth for Thurtene.

2. Ate free Pappy's while meeting amazing DSP alumni, such as this sweet man who graduated in 1949!

3. Supported friends and half my floor at Luau, while eating yummy coconut jello. Later in the evening we watched Lilo and Stitch while making leis.

4. Learned that the key to hitting a racquetball is to watch the ball. Doubles is actually really fun.

5. Helped market and sell homemade crab rangoons and scallion pancakes at the ACF booth for Night Market. Tonight reaffirmed that I really do love sales, but also taught me a lesson in humility and setting aside my pride.

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