Monday, March 28, 2011


And... the sun is back out. St. Louis weather, you perplex me.

I think I'm having PTSD... post-trip starving disorder. After being fed like royalty during Spring Break, I seem to always be hungry in St. Louis. Right now I'm having a massive craving for some Red Robin gourmet burgers, which I had for the first time two weeks ago. In addition, last night I had a dream that my brother and mom visited me in Houston, so I took them out to get bubble tea from Tapioca House.

Speaking of my mother and brother, they are coming at the end of April! My brother's high school robotics club made it to nationals, which will take place in St. Louis. They haven't been here since my freshman year! I can't wait for them to see the improvements on the 40 and for them to meet my friends :)

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