Thursday, March 3, 2011


This picture makes me so incredibly happy. On the right is my brother from last year's Bro-sis, and on the left is my bro from this year's Bro-sis.

This picture is the epitome of what God is doing through bro-sis. Last year when Pham was my bro, he was a seeker who was shown the love in our ACF community and said yes to following Jesus. Fast forward a year, and he is now co-leading a Bible study for non-Christians with me! How mind blowing is that? Tonight, my super amazing bro, Phil, joined our GIG and asked great questions. During our discussions, he made very keen observations about the passage, and this was his first time doing a Bible study! Ah, I'm so happy right now. Praise God for being with us in this GIG :)

After reading Luke 7: 36-50 with the sinful woman anointing Jesus, the challenge for this week was to identify someone who is a social outcast and to ask Jesus for strength to reach out and love this person. Holy Spirit, please give us the strength to love these people!


  1. That's awesome. :) God is always working to help us be more missional in our actions. :D