Sunday, August 1, 2010


A wise friend told me my sophomore year, "Joy, I like how you think a lot and process what's going on, but sometimes you just gotta live and enjoy the moment." With all seriousness, I asked him, "How do I do that?"

In the past few years, I would analyze every situation that I was in, my motives, the ideals, the failures. My life became a strategic game that I had to maneuver through. Soon, I became burnt out by all the disappointments from when things didn't go the way I had planned.

This summer, God really stripped away things that I could control. Consequently, this left me with few things that I could have expectations for or analyze. As a result, this summer was rather spontaneous and carefree, but in a good way. For once, I was able to "live and enjoy the moment." I can't believe it took me this long to figure how to do that.

It all came down to building genuine relationships where people really cared for each other. That's what my church in New Jersey taught me, whether they know it or not haha. I have to admit, whether I was in ACCCN or ACF, I used strategy to manage my relationships to try to create the ideal community. In the end, the relationships that were the most meaningful were the ones where we just hung out a lot and walked through life together.

Now to take this lesson back with me to WashU.


  1. "It all came down to building genuine relationships where people really cared for each other."

    That's what I've been learning about this summer too!

  2. The most meaningful relationships, like you said, are the ones shared with people who willingly want to sit back and enjoy the ride with you. :)

  3. *like. and it makes me really happy whenever you refer to bctc in your entries :)