Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Drive at Night

I love driving by myself. For some reason, I get a lot of thinking done while driving on the highway. So tonight as I was coming back from dinner, I decided to take a long detour. Then I started praying.

Recently, I've been very anxious about upcoming events. Initiation, my internship in New York, dinner with strangers, etc. Soon, I realized that the reason that I am anxious is because I know I have no control over those things, and being a control-freak, that's distressing.

After driving a few miles, I felt that the Holy Spirit was telling me to take down my GPS. What?! God, you know I get lost easily, why would you ask me to do that? Then, he told me to get off the next exit. Are you serious? Um, can I get off an exit I'm more familiar with? This was particularly funny because tonight at Outpour church, we talked about the Holy Spirit and how he will tell us to do strange things sometimes. That's exactly what was happening while I was driving.

So I turned on my right turn blinker and exited. The right side seemed to have more civilization, so I turned right. Unfortunately, after a quarter mile, things started getting really dark because there were no street lamps. I needed to trust the Spirit, so I kept driving for a long time. There wasn't much except for a few houses, stores, and surprisingly many churches. After a while, I was about to turn around or try to find my way back, but I saw some lights ahead so I drove a little further. Whoa! It's the Galleria! I'm in Brentwood! That was epic.

So basically, the Holy Spirit used tonight's drive to teach me that as I vulnerably go down dark, uncertain roads, I have to listen to the Spirit and trust God. His people will help me along the way, and eventually He will guide me to where I'm supposed to go. Let God be the one in control.


  1. whoa! that just blew my mind! i would never drive in a dark place i dont know about without a GPS, map, or previous knowledge of the area!

  2. eh?
    ok i'm confused about what i just did to my

    props to you!! i would be so afraid of doing that since i get lost even with my gps...

  3. That first step in letting God be in control, and not trying to be in control yourself is most definitely the hardest one.

    Great story!