Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bixby's and Sonics

My suitemate and I had lunch at Bixby's located inside the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park. Another item down on my to-do-list! I ordered a blueberry pomegranate iced tea, which was delicate and very natural tasting. Originally I would've rated it a 3, but since it was free, I would say maybe a 3.5. Then I ordered the spiced butternut squash soup with bread. The soup was a bit gingery, which isn't my favorite, and the quality was alright, so I would give that a 3.5. However, the bread was amazing! Definitely the best free bread I've eaten. It was sliced Ciabatta bread that was toasted with butter and possibly some garlic. Simple and delicious. That bread was a 4.8. My suitemate ordered a shrimp bisque, which I didn't know was soup. It was warm, creamy, salty, and you could definitely taste the shrimp. I enjoyed hers a lot and I think I'll order that the next time. Hers I would rate a 4.7.

Personal Bixby's Ratings (out of 5)
1. Presentation/venue: 5.0
2. Food quality: 4.0
3. Service: 5.0+ (So good! They gave us free bread and tea when I requested it)
4. Price: ~$10

Later tonight I also got a Cherry Limade Chiller from Sonics. A group of us had just gone to Skyzone for a social event, and we were really thirsty. This was so satisfying. AND I got a very cute Seaworld Starfish Tot (looks like a tater tot) toy from the kids meal. After the whole Shamu-drowning-trainer incident, I thought this was a great promotion for Seaworld. It worked for me!

Mm, yeah. I'd have to say today was a great day that I was very thankful for. It was full of fun and good convos and productivity.

Tomorrow is Easter! EPIC EPIC day. Help me to remember...

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