Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay WashU

My brother's homeroom has a project where they have to make lasting change on one day in April. It's a bit ridiculous, but his homeroom teacher has narrowed it down to "Helping those in need." I suggested having a Fair Trade Fair, where there would be slideshows and keynote speakers informing his school on the importance of Fair Trade and how to get people out of slavery... helping those who can't help themselves. Hopefully after that, the school could purchase only Fair Trade produce for their cafeteria, or some other systematic change in the school. My brother kind of shot down the idea saying it probably wouldn't pass.

Then I receive an email from Chancellor Wrighton addressing the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Operations (read here). From a marketing point of view, this is great PR for Chancellor Wrighton and for WashU. But from a person who has been trying to learn more about justice and caring for God's creation, seeing all this systematic change actually happen is really amazing. Granted, WashU is not perfect at this (e.g. replacing our landscape every two weeks) and has many things to improve, but I am really proud of their vision and actually implementing change. I hope that one day my brother's school can learn from schools like WashU in contributing to being better stewards of God's creation.


  1. that was very interesting, I'm surprised by the 31% reduction in energy usage/sq ft in 16 yrs... sweetz

  2. this week, washu has moved red boulders from the village to along the path to the 40...

  3. Heh WashU. At least all the landscaping we do doesn't involve HUGE gas guzzling, smoke emitting tanks.