Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Financial Responsibility

We're called to live a life surrendered to God. Last year after reading the book Kingdom Come by Allen Wakabayashi, I gained more perspective on what that looked like. Since then, I've been trying to actively surrender different areas of my life under His Lordship. It's saying, "God, I haven't been using these things for your Kingdom, but for my own purposes. Now I want to give back to you what you've bestowed to me."

There is one school of thought where everything should change at once. I suppose it could in an ideal world. However, I'm just going to take it slowly and intentionally focus on one or two areas at a time and do it well. (Not to say that by the time I move onto the next area that the previous areas will look Holy or anything, but I'm trying.)

Areas I've worked on:
- Time Management: how to be a good student and leave time for relationships
- Academics/Career: how to use my professional career to bring God's righteousness, ethics, grace and mercy to the world

Current Areas:
- Bible in a year: be fed by the Word of God
- Diet: how to glorify God with the things I eat (Vegetarian)
- Financial Responsibility: how to use my resources wisely (budgeting)

Next Phase: TBD
I'll figure that out later, either for a New Year's Resolution or for whenever. It's most likely something relating to exercise. I recently read the passage where our body is the temple of God. I realize, I don't really treat my body like a temple of God! Don't rest well by sleeping enough. Don't exercise. Eat crap. So that's definitely one area of my life that I could improve.

More posts later on how things have been with how the Kingdom has been playing a part in those areas of my life.

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