Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That was Beautiful.

The most interesting things always happen at Fusion, the young adult's ministry of Victory World Church. Tonight, I got to witness something beautiful.

My Peru teammates and I were chatting when a tall guy comes over and motions for the whole crowd to come over. "I have something I want to announce to the whole group, so even if I know you or don't know you, please gather around."

We huddle together waiting to hear what he has to say. He takes this girl under his arm and says, "I would really like for you guys to pray for me. Six years ago on July 6th, I moved to Atlanta. And this girl has been my best friend since, and she really means a lot to me." He continues to shower her with praise, and I don't remember exactly what he says because at this point I'm going, "AWWWW."

"So I just want to ask you tonight, will you enter into a courtship with me?" This girl is so red and bashful, and her hand is covering her smile as she nods her head. "Great! So guys, I could really use your prayer because I don't want to be like one of those guys who disappears after they get into a relationship. You gotta keep me accountable." Then we all lay our hands on him as he prays for himself to be the spiritual leader and to be Christ-like.

Man, that. Was. Beautiful. I want a man like that!

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