Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun New Games

Today was the most epic fun night this semester. After coming back from the mall, we played human foosball at ACF, the life size version of foosball where we have to kick the ball into the opponent's goal. Each team has three rows: defense (goalies), middle people, and offense (scorers). Everyone in the line must hold hands with the person next to them and can only move left and right. OMG this will definitely one of the most memorable times at ACF... I hope someone took a video!

Later, around 1 am we went to play the Walmart game, which I just learned about tonight. First, two teams go around the store filling their carts with ten random items. Then, they switch carts and have to put the items back where they belong. The team that has the least amount of items left after a certain time period wins. Things I learned tonight: Walmart sells machetes and hides their tables behind treadmills. Vita, or herring in wine sauce, can be found in the refrigerated seafood section and does actually exist.

I love being done with finals :)


  1. The Walmart game just sounds like one of those old gameshows on TV called "Shop Til You Drop" lol

  2. bah, i'm sad i missed such an epic night. i'm glad your senior year is going well! :)

  3. it was the kind of fun i haven't had in a long time (like since kindergarten maybe?)lol. the walmart game sounds epic! yay for awesome memories!! :D