Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lessons from the DJ

CSA/TSO Formal Nov. 20, 2010 @ Maggianos

- Love is in the air!
- I was reunited with my beloved Rigatoni D after a long 24 hours apart
- Dancing and fist pumping with the people I love
- Secretly discovering the identity of Big Baller

I learned a lesson from the DJ tonight. You see, this DJ is talented and knows how to use his turntable. However, he was a HORRIBLE DJ. The songs he selected would not have been songs that people would request at a dance; he didn't actually play people's requested songs (including my Party in the USA); he would randomly slow a song down and speed it up; he would stop the song abruptly so there would be silence for a second. Worst of all, he actually played good dance songs at one point but mashed them all up into "*mumble jumble* BABY BABY BABY OHHHH *mumble jumble mumble jumble* TIK TOK *mumble jumble*". This goes to show that having skills/talent does not mean anything unless used appropriately.

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  1. totally agree about the DJ. I would have loved Party in the USA!!