Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Conference 09

Personally, this weekend was kind of rough for me. It started with when we first arrived at Camp Mihaska. After my passengers had taken all their bags out of the trunk, I realized that I forgot to bring my luggage with my clothes and toiletries! I felt so stupid and vulnerable. Thankfully, my ACF community was supportive and gracious to me. The girls lent me a t-shirt, socks, shampoo and soap, and one of the guys drove me to Walmart to buy the only thing I couldn't share (underwear). This experience definitely taught me that I really have to trust God and His providence... and to learn to admit that I am weak and that I need help.

Next, my camera broke. It was in my bag but the bag tumbled out of the chair and must've damaged the camera internally. The camera is still able to take pictures, but the autofocus goes crazy and I'm not able to view my LCD screen. I died a little inside. My precious baby that I had worked so hard for my senior year of high school is now handicapped. What I learned from these two situations is that all that I have belongs to God. He has the right to give and take things away... I can't really call anything my own. So, I really need to use the resources God has blessed me with for His Kingdom and not just for myself. Also, he uses these things to test my faith and also for Him to prove His faithfulness.

But besides that, this weekend was really good bonding time for ACFers. We tossed a lot of frisbee, played this ridiculous game of mini putt putt with human obstacles, and had good small group time. God thank you for answering our prayers of bringing us closer together as a community.

A few things that stuck out to me:
- Sometimes we have fears when it comes to missions. But fear is being trapped by the enemy. It is okay to be afraid, but don't let it rule you. Let Jesus, who is victorious over sin and death, rule you.
- Death is retirement for a Christian. We have a long party after we die with a feast served by God himself. Our job now is to serve and love other people.
- Our mission is unpredictable. Can't tell us what it is, when or where it is. We just have to go through the next door in our life.

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