Saturday, April 23, 2011


Had another great Sabbath today!
  1. GIG outing to Crepes, etc. + Resurrection passage = most premium brunch
  2. CSA Talent Show: Jordan and Tim serenade :) Fun, fun, fun, fun!
  3. Aristocats concert: Lucia Breaking Free
  4. Easter Vigil @ Cathedral Basilica
  5. Debriefing with my suitemate <3
What I value most about my relationship with my suitemate Lindsey is being able to come home and debrief about my day with her. She's able to call out different areas of my life that I need to work on, but brings it up in a manner that doesn't make me feel like she's judging me. I'm so blessed to room with her this year!

Today we were talking about the implications of Jesus' death and resurrection on the Jewish culture of the Old Testament. If you know the answers to any of these questions, please enlighten me!
  • If the curtain in the temple split in two signifying that you no longer need a High Priest to talk to God, do Jews still need to talk to God through a High Priest type of person, or do they talk to God directly too even though they don't believe in the Gospel of Jesus?
  • If Jews don't believe in Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice that died to forgive our sins, do they still practice animal sacrifices to atone for sin? If not, how do you atone for sin?
  • A lot of Christianity revolves around the importance of an eternal life through Jesus after death. However, there is little mention of an afterlife in the Old Testament. What do Jews believe about the afterlife?

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