Saturday, April 2, 2011

Harry Shum aka Mike Chang from Glee

Harry Shum Jr. came to speak for WashU's Chinese Student Association speaker series about being an Asian in the entertainment industry, and afterwards he signed autographs. My life is complete! xD

He was a great speaker who was professional but entertaining at the same time. He talked about his struggles of being the odd one out when he was child from always moving around. It was encouraging to hear that he didn't start dancing until high school yet he got to be where he is today.

Highlight: "When I first started, my friend dared me to try out for the dance audition. Since I refused, he offered to pay me $10 to try out. I thought to myself, 'Ten dollars... that's 10 value meals!' And I tried out." HAHA

His story makes me wonder though. Harry went from being the odd one out that was always bullied to being the well-loved Mike Chang on Glee. When Jesus publicly healed unclean people so that they would be accepted back into society, was it similar to Harry's story? Perhaps not to the same extent as that of celebrities, but you catch my drift.

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