Monday, March 21, 2011

Can't put me in a box

Once a month, our RA staff devotes a night for staff development, and tonight was one of them. Taking some magazines, scissors and glue, we cut and pasted words and images from magazines that we thought described ourselves.

Side 1: We're on a mission, salt, Joy to your own little world, fun, hope, energy

Side 2: Out of the Box, Snapping a good camera, sneaky

Side 3: Tough, challenge, excellence, achieve, odd, image of a dragon (my chinese zodiac)

Side 4: Discover, love, give thanks, we grow joy, image of gifts

Lid: Real Simple, joy peace love, party, food 4 thought, proud supporter of recess, let's eat, learn to love, makes celebrations sweeter

After I had used up all the space on my box, I realized that I still had many words that I didn't use up, and even then, I had so many more words that I didn't find from the magazines. Then I thought, "Ha. You can't put me on a box, nor in a box!" :)

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