Friday, March 25, 2011

Business Traveler

Today was a coming of age of sorts. Today, I flew from St. Louis to Cincinnati and back on the same day. It was strange wearing the same outfit there and back, and skipping checking in any bags and baggage claim. I think this officially marks the start of my professional career, well, almost. (I need a job first).

This was my first on-site interview, and it is with a company that I love and highly respect. After leaving Cincinnati, I actually felt a tinge of pain leaving behind the people I had just met today. Everyone was so hospitable and friendly, which made me fall even more in love with the company. I hear back in a couple of weeks, so please pray for me!

The picture is from dinner at Nada, a Mexican restaurant that I went to eat at with Kirk Lin and his boss, who is also a WashU alum. I ordered the vegetarian tacos with portabella mushrooms, which were SO GOOD. Afterwards, we went to Graeter's and I got the oh-so-delicious black raspberry chip ice cream :) Great food, great company, and overall great (day) trip.

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