Monday, February 14, 2011

Recurring Dreams

I've been wanting to write a post on all my recurring dreams, so here it is. Anybody able to interpret my dreams?

1. Location: amusement park. I will almost always walk past the spinning dumbo-like ride on my way towards the fastest and tallest roller coaster. And it is almost always right after a thunderstorm, so the ground and rides are still wet, and the sky is dark. Most times I never make it onto the ride, and other times I get on, but find out halfway through that my seat belt isn't working, so I have to hold on to dear life to make sure I don't fall out. (Had this dream last night)

2. Location: a giant mall. There are three locations that I usually end up in: the food court, the department store, and the elevator. With the food court, I know I want a certain type of food to eat, but I keep wandering around to look for it and can never find it, so I just settle for something else. In the department store, I almost always have to walk past the perfume area to get to the discounted backpack area. (For almost all of high school, I was obsessed with buying a new backpack.) Finally, the elevator is always the freakiest, because it is never a normal elevator. Once, it was a lounge-type of area with circular red velvet cloth. You sit in it, and it spins, and then you're on the right floor. Other types of elevators are ones that are on the 100th floor and drop really quickly to the first floor. Scary.

3. I really need to pee in my dream, so I rush to a bathroom, but can never find a good stall. The seats are missing, or there's no door/stalls, or the toilet is clogged. Therefore, I usually settle for the working toilet with no door that is far from everyone else, but the moment that I begin to pee, a massive crowd of people walk my way and stop in front of my stall and I can never move/escape without exposing everything.

4. While boogie boarding or collecting shells on the beach, I see that the waves are getting bigger and bigger. I run further up shore to higher land, and keep running until I am against a building. Then the wave becomes so large that it smashes me into the ground or into the building. Sometimes, I even make it into the beach condo, and the wave still crashes into the window and comes through. Can never seem to escape it.

5. I'm inside a building and a tornado is so close that I can see it. After a mad dash of trying to find shelter, the tornado rips through the building, but we're all okay.

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