Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bro-sis Day 4

Brother, you are simply amazing. Matt Choi came to deliver my present, which was wrapped in red tissue paper with a blue origami lotus flower as the bow. Today's haiku read, "A rainy Thursday. This small treat from Italy, Makes clouds go away." IT SURE DID! I don't know how you knew that my favorite pasta is Pasta Carbonera, but I ate it all up in front of Matt and made him pretty jealous :)

Also, today was the first day of my second-semester GIG! GIG= groups investigating God, which is a safe place where non-Christians can engage with the Bible and learn more about who this Jesus person is. We went over the Mark passage where Jesus calms the storm. The invitation was to identify storms in our lives where we are afraid, and to bring it to Jesus and trust that he will calm it and take care of us. I'm excited for next week!

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