Monday, June 27, 2011

Gas Groupon Parte Dos

After seriously considering joining Victory World Church in Atlanta, I'm now checking out their small groups to really get plugged into community. Tonight, I checked out one of their co-ed small groups called The Movement. When I got there, the leaders surprised us telling us that we were going to go do Gas Groupon.

For those who missed my earlier post about God rocking my world, Gas Groupon is where a group of us pools our money together to buy a gas gift card for someone. My group had many disappointing rejections, but that's okay, it is part of a butterfly effect. However, at the end, God told us to look out for someone who has a handicap and will really stand out. There was the adult black woman who got out of her car and was limping.

"MA'AM! MA'AM!" We called out. No response. We run up to her and talk to her, and realize that she's reading our lips because she's deaf. Talk about a handicap!!

We asked her if we could pray for her, and she said that she wanted to be healed. So in Jesus' name, we prayed that her hearing would be restored and that the healing could either be instant or a process.

To be honest, I was questioning in my heart, "Can she really be healed? Will this really work?" Oh me of little faith!! God give me more faith! I want to believe. I want to look Impossible in the eye, and say, "You are no match for my God." Grant me more faith, please.

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