Monday, July 4, 2011

Desperately Needing Peace

Right now my heart is being tugged in two separate directions, and the pain of choosing is almost putting me at the brink of tears.

Originally, I was planning on leaving Atlanta Chinese Christian Church North (ACCCN), the church that I grew up in and served in. However, now that I'm back in Atlanta for good, I'm thinking of finding a church that can meet my spiritual needs better.

Victory World Church Pros (no cons)
- Multicultural: Gives a bigger picture of the Kingdom, and allows me to invite coworkers to church without feeling awkward if they aren't Asian
- Vision: They're super missional locally and globally, care about reconciling cultures, and are passionate and genuine
- Has a solid young adults ministry, Fusion
- Has really challenging messages and rejuvenating worship

- Not multicultural
- Isn't challenging me or feeding me
- Doesn't have a solid young adults ministry
- Not as missional as I would like

- I have previous relationships with people that I grew up with, and it is hard leaving these relationships behind
- After serving as a counselor for 9th grade girls at Shocco this past weekend, I'm realizing how much of a need there is for the youth to know more of who God is and what it means to be in relationship with him. My heart breaks for them!

This decision is so difficult because either way, I will have to sacrifice something. As a wise friend pointed out, both churches have benefits, but I have to give one up even if it's good for the people or good for me.

God, I pray that you would give me peace about this decision!!


  1. no one says you have to choose one completely, but seems like Victory World Church might be a good place for a new start and to help you grow. But always go back to ACCCN to visit and continue to build those relationships. Hey, wut you learned so far in life can help ACCCN grow in the direction you think God is leading you and them to right? If you have the time, devote some to both churches, with one being the bigger focus. God leads us to certain people, certain places, and specific events for reasons that only he knows, but we may find out. Trust in Him.

  2. ahh, been feeing the same way since i wonder often what i would do if God led me to work in atlanta after college.

    although i have a heart for the church i grew up in and owe much to it, i know that i would need another church that will feed me more aptly first before i can serve another church. i don't think you have to abandon one for the other - definitely, the relationships you've built can still be maintained and strengthened over time. but i think that going to another church and being placed in a position of just learning would help you to better serve acccn in the future if that's where God leads you as well :)