Saturday, July 10, 2010

Third Celeb Sighting

Friday, after work I went to try a restaurant in Little Italy called Bonito II. Their eggplant parmigiana was really savory, and the lunch special was only $7.99.

Met up with some WashU folk in Union Square where I spotted T.R. Knight (George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy) kissing his partner :O We then went to check out the Financial District, where unfortunately, we didn't get to see stressed out ibankers or NYSE brokers get out of work. Though, we did see a bull and some boa constrictors, who would've guessed?

Then Saturday, another WashU friend and I went to the American Musuem of Natural History where we spent the majority of our time in the Oceanic Life exhibit.

The museum closed at 6pm, so we had an hour and a half to kill before our WashU reunion dinner. We went to K-town to get some froyo, but there was a huge line out the door at Pinkberry so we settled for some Red Mango. Soon after, we went to a place called Tribecafe for dinner. I ordered a Mentaiko Spaghetti, which is spaghetti with squid and spicy coe rod topped with shiso and nori seaweed. Om nom nom.

Time Square! I have yet to see a Broadway show...

My summer in New York has been getting significantly better after tackling my bucket list with friends. A friend from church said, "It's not about the job or what you do, its about the people you're with." I've been realizing how true that really is. My experience isn't defined by the places I go to, but by those who keep me company. Thankfully, God has blessed me with lots of friends in the city :)

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