Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pet Peeve

One of my biggest driving pet peeves is when people want to change lanes and don't turn on their blinker before they do so. I'm actually okay with people not using their blinker at all, because they're just foolish. But it bugs me tremendously when people blink as they're turning, but not before.

If you don't communicate to other people what you want to do, how are they supposed to know what you want?


  1. a great deal of skill in human interactions is in determining what other people want without having to be told what the other people want.

    although i suppose in the case of the blinker, signaling in advance is probably better than not. =)

  2. Agree with what Jerry said. I don't really have many pet peeves on driving, as I just automatically assume that people drive poorly. It's kept me out of accidents thus far. :P