Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Goals

As you may remember from my post on goals, I have yet to form my next goals.

A few weeks ago, I went to the chiropractor, and he told me, "Due to your bad posture, your right kidney is weaker than your left kidney, and your large intestine is stressed out." I've decided that among other things, a fitter and stronger body could help me with my bad posture. Also, after watching the last episode of Biggest Loser, I was extremely motivated to hit the gym. All this to say, my main goal for 2010 is to take care of my health.

Second main goal for the year is to do some more research on ethical consumption. I've already taken a step (spontaneously) to become a vegetarian, but now I'm intentionally taking the next step to becoming a humanitarian and living out justice in my everyday actions.

And... cut down on playing Sudoku.
And be bolder...


  1. oh yeah... the gym... remember how we said we were going to exercise together twice a week last year and we ended up going like twice the entire semester? i'm not sure if i should resolve to exercise. it seems too improbable.

    let me know what you find out about ethical consumption! especially about chocolate :D

  2. noooo chocolate! NOOOOO SUDOKU!!!! who will race me now, no one else is good enough!!!!!!!!

    lol j/k. i should probably cut down too...