Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Break 09

- Crepes brunch with Jean Kung and sharing the stories of the Holy Spirit moving in our region
- Sky Zone with ACF. Jumping on a gigantic trampoline floor while playing dodgeball. Little kids at a birthday party watching and cheering.
- Spades with my recent spades partner Ingold. Yay team We Won.

- Hanging out with freshman floormates: Pumpkins, toilet paper and cupcakery. Driving with a bike in the back seat. Lunch of scrambled eggs with onions and lamb sausage (no meat for me), chocolate chip pancakes made with kefir cultured milk, sweet potato milkshake (sweet potatoes, cinnamon, orange and soy milk), baked spaghetti squash seeds, and strawberry yogurt with pomegranate seeds. Yum.
- Shopping at West County mall with Connie, Lily and Jimmy. Forever 21=new favorite store.
- Corn Mazing in Illinois with One Voice and ACF. The adventure of getting lost driving there and back. S'mores and apple cider. Watching Drea freak out in the haunted maze. Uncle Bill's late night breakfast :)

What a long and exciting and exhausting day. Phew! I love Fall break...

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  1. sounds like you're having a good time at washu!
    stumbled across your blog, but i really look forward to reading!!! :D
    -christine li