Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I've Accomplished in NYC

(Inspired by Melody's Shadowing post)

1. How to read when it's safe to cross the street, part the sea of people walking my way, and avoid being hit by a taxi.

2. How to use the subway system (except the annoying ACE line awef;lkndejfa).

3. Know what TriBeCa stands for - Triangle Below Canal. Also SoHo - South of Houston.

4. Seen three celebrities!

5. Walk through Midtown without tripping over a tourist's suitcase.

6. Have a French person tell me, "The Statue of Liberty is our gift to you."

7. Navigate my way around Port Authority Bus Terminal.

8. Walked around the Bronx without getting shot.

9. Worked for the world's largest department store.

10. Tackled most of my NYC bucket list with friends <3

I'm satisfied :)


  1. yayyy :) i'm flattered that you mentioned me, hehehe. sounds like you had an awesome summer! can't wait to see you in... three weeks!!

  2. successful work of a real enjoyneer. :)

  3. Haha, I bet #6 was quite pleasant. Yay for a good trip and experience in NYC. :)

  4. hahahah #6. and i never knew that about tribeca or soho!

    and i'm proud of #1 and #2. i knew you'd be able to adjust to fast walking :)