Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quiche Lorraine

This morning I stopped by Bear Bakery on my way to class and discovered new baked goods! They all looked so delicious. There were two kinds of quiche: quiche lorraine and pepperoni quiche. Not many people know this, but I LOVE quiche. (I also love the egg souffles at Panera). They're like a salty morning egg tart. I bought the unsuspecting quiche lorraine and took a bite. The crust was sweet, the egg was soft, and there was a nice crispy saltiness to it. After a few more bites I realized I was tasting a delicious flavor I haven't had in a while: BACON. Dang it.

I've had meat three times since I've become a vegetarian (well, minus the seafood). The first time was free toasted ravioli, which turned out to have beef in it. The second time was range-free chicken at home. The third time was today when I ate the quiche lorraine.

Well, I don't want to waste it, so I might as well finish it!

I don't think my body is handling it very well though...

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  1. that's weird, i think my body handles meat pretty well. my mouth doesn't though, the taste (and smell) is SO strong now!! i had some accidental bacon in my clam chowder.