Thursday, December 17, 2009

What, I'm going home?

There's no closure. I feel like I'll still be going to finance and marketing class next week, and that final exams didn't cap off the semester. My mom called today and said, "I'll see you tomorrow!" which was very strange to hear since it still hasn't really hit me that I'll be gone from WashU for a month with no studying to do.

So to try to get me thinking about winter break, here are some things I look forward to.
- reading books for fun! (Outliers, Love is an Orientation, The Jesus I Never Knew)
- watching Hulu, HBO, and playing sudoku
- hanging out with my brother.
- Winter Retreat with ACCCN
- having time to sit, think and reflect
- be still and listen
**On another note, WHAT?! Christmas is next week?!**


  1. i hate having time to think...must find tons of stuff to do over break...Chicago!!!